Be Sure Not to Make These Common SEO Mistakes


When you make mistakes during search engine optimization, sometimes it hurts more than your ranking and can get your site banned. Below you are given SEO mistakes that you should be careful to stay away from.

One SEO mistake that is frequently made is using too many images on a site and not enough content. Images do enhance a site but in the long run you'll realize that they don't do much for your search engine optimization efforts.

Quality content is what helps to optimize your site, so this is good for both your visitors and the search engines. You can use images to make the site more appealing, but always put the emphasis on content. Keep in mind that a large number of images, in addition to not helping your ranking, will also slow down your site. be sure to place targeted keywords in their ALT tags. This gives the search engines a way to see your image, or at least the tag that accompanies it. The best way to deal with this is to try and replace most of the images with something that's worthy to read and also has your keywords in it. Remember, when it comes to ranking your site, nothing is more important than having good content.

One serious SEO mistake to avoid at all costs is stealing other people's content. When you take content from somewhere else and post it on your site, claiming it to be yours, it will only affect your reputation with the search engines and bring down your rankings. Search engines love original content that adds value. Unique, helpful content is what the search engines want to make available to those who search. The search engines have a process that eliminates content that is not original, known as the duplicate content filter. But this only applies when you have the same content on all the pages of your site. If you've legitimately taken an article from somewhere and given them the credit, there should be no problem. The general idea is to be truthful and up front in your efforts.

Make sure to not make the mistake of leaving ALT tags off your images. Make sure all the images on your site have ALT tags, since search engines see them as important. The basic reason why you use these tags is to show the reader what the image is about when it's loading. But it can also help you with your search engine rankings. When you put keywords in the ALT tags, be sure that they are readable by search engines and human readers. To summarize, as you move forward you will find a lot more SEO mistakes, the ones talked about are just the tip of the iceberg.

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